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Five main areas have helped form the foundation of the 168 System. One area might speak to you more than others. We hope you can learn something from each foundation to help you take advantage of the 168 hours we receive each week.


Being able to keep your mind and body honed in on the intended target is vital to a successful week. Focus is hard to learn as your mind is nearly always interested in anything else besides what you want it to focus on.

Learning what is a true distraction, how to find that perfect environment to increase focus, and a few tools along the way, you can really keep your mind on the target.

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While time is a finite factor in life, energy is one you can influence and change. The 168 System takes into account both your physical and mental energy. You need both types in order to succeed.

If you’re physically exhausted, your body will constantly fight any path forward. If you mentally are toast, any amount of physical energy just doesn’t matter.

Learning your mental and physical capacity, your burn rate, and how to recharge serve as the foundation of being a better you.

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Going about life alone is possible, but not an ideal situation. By knowing how to leverage a little help or a little knowledge from others and knowing how to be a helping hand yourself, can really turn things around.

You don’t need a giant support network. If you do have one, great. If you don’t, sometimes all you need is one other person. Plus, don’t forget, you are also the captain of Team You. If you don’t believe, nothing will work.

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If all we needed in life was our hands and feet to get every job done, things would be pretty easy. Unfortunately, having a proper set of digital and analog tools are often required throughout life.

You are actually surrounded by these resources and many don’t actually cost a thing. From new apps to the trustworthy pen and paper, you can build up quite the toolbox available to you.

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You don’t need to be able to run a marathon, have a gym membership, or have abs to be successful in life. You do need to be healthy both physically and mentally.

From a healthy (not restrictive) diet, a little physical activity, and nurturing of the mind, you can put yourself in a position to succeed. This is especially and area where little things can add up to big results.

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