What is the 168 System?

You have 168 hours available each and every week. The 168 System is a series of ideas, actions, and concepts to help you make the most of the 168 hours presented to you.

This does not mean working late nights (unless you start your day later). It does not mean working on multiple things at the same time in an extreme multitasking mindset.

It’s about a series of small steps that add up to larger results. Five themes serve as the foundation for the 168 System: focus, energy, community, tools, and health.

Some of the concepts might not connect with you. That’s expected. What makes each and every one of us tick is unique. What works for one person might not work for you. Even if something doesn’t land, we hope it can spur a new idea or way of thinking that puts you on a path to what a true solution is for you.

Everything takes time. Change takes time. Time is exactly what you have.


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Zach Parcell


Zach is a 35-year-old midwestern husband, father, son, gummy bear loving, digital communication professional. Zach has spent endless hours researching lifehacks, strategies, resources, tools, examples, and more in order to be a better person in the office and at home.

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